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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got the Qs. We've Got the As.

Thinking about selling your home in Scranton but not sure where to start? Have some questions about our process?
We are local professional home buyers in Pennsylvania and we’ve been doing this for years! Our experience has led to a collection of frequently asked questions we get from homeowners and we would like to share those FAQS with you.
Think you have a unique question and can’t find your answer below? The team at Hungry Home Buyers is here to help! Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer ANY questions you have about us, our home buying process, or whatever life situation you’re facing.

What exactly is a cash home buyer and how do they work?

A cash buyer is someone who can purchase your Scranton property directly with their own money. More importantly, it’s money that have ready and at their disposal. So they won’t have to deal with a bank or lender to get a loan to buy your house.

What makes Hungry Home Buyers different from a real estate agent?

There are a lot of differences between Hungry Home Buyers and a real estate agent. The biggest difference is that we’ll be buying your house in Scranton as-is directly and we’ll pay ALL CASH. This means you’ll never have to deal with inspections, appraisals, home staging, public showings, closing costs, or everything else that comes along with a traditional home sale. Oh and the best part! We can get all of this done in just a couple weeks.

What's involved in your home buying process?

We do our absolute best to keep our home buying process simple and easy for Scranton homeowners. All it takes is four easy steps and two minutes to get started. First you’ll request a cash offer from our website or give us a call. Then you can sit back and relax for one day while we create your offer. Just one day later we’ll send you a competitive all cash offer to buy your house in Scranton. If you accept our offer, great! We’ll schedule a day and time to close on the sale and get you paid.

Do I have to pay fees, commissions, or closing costs?

No, not with Hungry Home Buyers! There are no fees or commissions to pay when you contact us to buy your house in Pennsylvania. We even cover ALL of the closing costs. We’re not real estate agents and we’re not looking around for buyers. We buy your house for cash directly so over overhead is much lower than an agent.

How do you figure out what my cash offer will be?

Our cash offer process is very easy and straightforward to understand. First, we’ll use several different websites and tools to determine to average market value of your home in Scranton. Then we’ll take into account a few different things, including your neighborhood, the value of comparable homes near you, and after-repair value. We’ll then create a competitive cash offer where you’ll profit from selling your house and we’ll make a little money as well.

How long will it take to sell my house and get paid?

Selling your house to Hungry Home Buyers is much different than working with a real estate agent in Scranton. When you sell your house through traditional methods, the process can take three, six, or even nine months, but that’s not the case with Hungry Home Buyers. From cash offer request to close, we can typically close on the sale and get you paid in just 2-4 weeks.

Does Hungry Home Buyers buy houses in any condition?

Yes! At Hungry Home Buyers, we’re happy to say that we buy houses in Scranton as-is, for any condition, and for any reason at all. Storm damage? We’ll buy it! Problems with your roof? No problem at all. Have excessive junk, clutter, or garbage? We don’t care, we’ll take it off your hands.